Our Services

FUSE develops its own social enterprises. It also uses its extensive experience and expertise to help you develop yours.

FUSE can offer you:

• A vision for the future

• The chance to grow and develop

• The opportunity of identifying new markets

• Improvements to your portfolio of products and services

• The minimization of your risks

• Robust financial processes

• A clear direction and a way forward

• Extra resources

• Promotional advantage

• Lots to shout about!

We have an expert and experienced team with skills in:


FUSE can offer a full consultancy service, supporting you from the very initial spark of an idea through to the implementation, delivery and evaluation.

We can offer flexible packages of support, helping you as much as you need us too.

FUSE will help you to ignite your ambitions through our in depth understanding of social enterprise and how it can work for you.

We can help promote the advantages of social enterprise to your colleagues and partners and offer links to local, regional and national networks.

Contact us for a chat and we can start to build up a tailor made proposal for your consideration.

Feasibility & Business Planning

Our feasibility and business planning service will lead you on a logical journey towards your vision.

We will look at all aspects of your ideas with you, and consider the political, social, technological, legal and environmental context you will need to operate in to be successful and sustainable.

We will research into the feasibility of your social enterprise initiative and help you to understand if it will work and how.

We will identify strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and challenges and help you to plan the next steps forward.

We can help with research, market testing, competitor analysis, identifying income generating opportunities and assessing financial viability.

FUSE can support you with all aspects of Business Planning, including visioning, financial forecasting and risk assessment.

We can also offer an annual Health Check to ensure your social enterprise is kept on track and complies with FUSE quality criteria.

Social Value

FUSE can help you to measure the impact of your activities and the social value of the work you do.

We can help you to set up the necessary data capture and to create practical ways of collecting evidence and reporting achievements.

Our collaborative and interactive process will help to convert your vision in to tangible and measurable outcomes that you can communicate clearly.

Facilitation and Visioning

The FUSE team are experts in working with individuals, small and large groups to ignite ambitions and get all those creative thoughts flowing.

Be it a Board away day, a staff planning session or a new business venture we can help you consider options.

We have experts that can facilitate for you, drawing on experience to help you find creative solutions.

We can also help you to prepare for presentations to others, and to work through any challenges associated with partnership or collaborative working to find common ground and shared resolutions.

Consultation & Engagement

The FUSE team can bring expertise and capacity to undertake any consultation and engagement necessary to test or develop your ideas with a wider audience.

We use a variety of techniques, traditional and innovative, ranging from 1:1 stakeholder meetings; interviews; focus groups; public meetings; surveys; digital media; targeted engagement; videography and events.

Marketing, Promotion and Communications

FUSE has access to marketing expertise and can provide a full design service for your promotional materials.

We can also help with website design and content and offer training and support in digital media.

Financial Management & Risk Analysis

Often a difficult area for many entrepreneurs we will work with you to set up suitable systems, procedures and strategies to cope with the vitally important financial management of your enterprise.

We can also work alongside you to identify any risks associated with your proposals or to take a fresh look at your enterprise and the risks you might face, from the strategic to the operational detail of day to day activities.

Governance & Legal Structures

FUSE has the expertise to advise you on the right legal structure for your enterprise and to help you to set up the right entity to take your business forward.

We can facilitate workshops to consider the various options and the pros and cons of each.

We can support Directors and Trustees to fully understand their legal responsibilities and liabilities and to make sure everyone understands the legal side of things.

Project Management

FUSE can provide the extra capacity and energy you may need to set up your new enterprise with our project management support.

Our team will do everything necessary to help you develop your new enterprise including: creating strong working relationships with partners or customers; supporting staff during the early days of the new enterprise; co-ordinating the work of many parties ; and developing the right environment for a successful and sustainable future.


As a social enterprise ourselves we are very happy to pass on our learning to others. We can develop and deliver a variety of training packages to suit your needs.

This might be 1:1 training; work shadowing or mentoring; small group workshops; large scale facilitated events.

FUSE has qualified Mental Health First Aid trainers

Organisational Development & Recruitment

FUSE can offer support at all stages of your organisational development, including help with recruitment and HR services, and tailor made wrap around support and systems for engaging and managing trainees, volunteers and work placements

Volunteering & Work Placements

We have close links with Employment Support agencies and encourage those we work with to look at ways to support those facing employment disadvantage by offering training and work placements. This adds to the social value and impact of your social enterprise.